Saturday, August 06, 2022

Sniffany & The Nits voice feminist rage in new single ‘Clam Chowder’

In the band’s latest single release, Sniffany & The Nits channel heated passion and domestic fury in ‘Clam Chowder’

The track is featured on their debut album ‘The Unscratchable Itch’, which embeds gothic and hammering tones into the narratives of varied characters, posing as obscure caricatures of femininity and resentment.

Featuring members from Joanna Gruesome, The Tubs and Ex-Void, Sniffany & The Nits unite under one title and emulate a predicted punk riot spirit in ‘Clam Chowder’.

Throughout the track, listeners are inundated in the confusion, chaos and questioning of the lyrics’ “secretarial administrator” character unearthing her husband’s swinging in their relationship (“I can smell him from here: a mix of vaseline, foot cream and Stella beer”).

Set to the backdrop of raw guitar cries and a headbanging drumbeat, the band combines the best elements of London’s new wave punk scene with an appropriate distaste for the misogynistic powerheads that the lyrics challenge.

By the time the crescendoing lyrics forcefully repeat “God help you”, it becomes near impossible to not share the wife’s rage and chant alongside the refrain. The volatility of the unnamed “administrator” character hyperbolises the vengeance and self-loathing that is being experienced throughout the song, cumulating in listeners collectively sharing the unerupted hatred that is being sung. 

Whilst reconsidering her dependence on her husband and the care he provides her, Sniffany’s empowering yet sickly-sweet tone makes ‘Clam Chowder’ a post-punk anthem for every listener who has had to compromise around a narcissistic partner. By mocking the toxic expectations held for the wife’s presumed unwavering support for her husband’s actions, the track challenges the marital power dynamics used to enforce sexist narratives within relationships.

Albeit an unexpecting alternative single at first inspection, ‘Clam Chowder’ provides a refreshing critique of misogynistic standards of femininity within relationships. 


Alanya Smith


Image: ‘The Unscratchable Itch’ Official Album Cover


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