Monday, August 22, 2022

Rex Orange County Hangs by a Thread in 'Threat'

Indie singer and songwriter Rex Orange County returns with new summer single ‘Threat’, following the release of his new album ‘Who Cares?’ in March of this year. 

Due to "unforeseen personal circumstances", the artist cancelled his September and November shows in Australia, New Zealand, and other European countries on July 2. The singer apologises for "letting anyone down" but promises to return as soon as possible.  

The song ‘Threat’ is accompanied by a Visualiser  of a red car speeding down an empty road surrounded by fields, with a man hanging from the driver’s door. To avoid road hazards, the car is drifting. Its licence plate reads “THR-34T”.

Alexander O’Connor (the artist’s real name) encourages his followers on Twitter to “go be outside, blast this, in the car roll ur windows down, blast this”. Also on his Twitter, the singer stated that this song was intended for the summer “made for August time…when it’s hot outside”. He went on to say that the song is “just a one off”.

‘Threat’ has a fast and rhythmic tempo that is enhanced by the plucky guitar solo, accompanied by syncopated funky percussion. The melody is light-hearted and playful, and the chorus catchy, with the artist singing in higher octaves with a synthesised voice. 

The song is about unfounded jealousy and insecurity in romantic relationships. The artist is hoping that the other guy is not a threat to him and although he doesn’t believe it, he is still overthinking the situation: “I'm gonna be right here overthinking through/ I could be the only one/ But I might not be him and it drives me too wild/ I'm thinking of a man much more than I”. However, Rex Orange County sounds hopeful in the pre-chorus, where he vows to “keep it real” with his love interest, pick up the phone when they’re calling, and take it slow.

The song slows down into a lyrical outro comprised of consonant harmonious chords accompanied by the chorus's memorable melody and lyrics. Listeners will undoubtedly return to this summer anthem in the years to come.

Evelina Lungu


Image: 'Threat' Official Single Cover 

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