Sunday, August 21, 2022

Night Swimming Creates Their Own Atmosphere With Debut Double Single ‘Freight Train’ // ‘A Wall’

Dream-pop group Night Swimming has released an evocative debut double single, including the dreamy ‘Freight Train’ and hypnotic ‘A Wall’.

The group was formed only last year in Bath and has already played sold-out headline gigs at Komedia, Bath and supported groups such as Sad Night Dynamite. They were also scouted by the Close Encounters Club to be featured in Glastonbury Festival's 2022 “Longlist”, and chosen to be one of their 90 top acts.

Having already built up a name for themselves, they have only just released their debut singles to tease what is in store for listeners.

‘Freight Train’ serves as the introductory piece, it comes in slowly with a dreamy piano and guitar sound that pairs together romantically. The bass comes in, building an atmosphere around it that kind of feels like rain and it has a vibe that easily would’ve fit on the first ‘Twilight’ movie soundtrack. Josh Nottle on the bass in this track is trance-like, paired with the echoey vocals that are similar to the ethereal, melodic elements of early Wolf Alice or Paramore. It has a slow outro that breaks down the song, then beautifully rebuilds back up to lead into ‘A Wall’. The second single keeps up the Bella Swan vibes but has more sweet strumming guitars from Sam Allen and Jesse Roache that really stands out. This track feels haunting, with vocals that manage to be both detached and lingering.

‘Freight Train // A Wall’ is instantly striking. Combining atmospheric guitars, delicate vocals and airy synths with echoing percussion (performed by Torin Moore) and hypnotic choruses, all of which is still delivered without feeling overproduced. The group has incorporated richness and minimalism; each element is equally powerful, while perfectly blended with a sweet delivery that any listener could get lost in.

The two songs are a perfect teaser of what to expect from the band in the future. The numbers are carried by tranquil, trip-hop-influenced rhythms and a strong sense of detachment which singer and lyricist Meg Jones describes as, “a collection of memories and images about communication in relationships.” Listeners should definitely keep their eyes and ears open for more from Night Swimming.

Hope Orr


Image: ‘Freight Train / A Wall’ Official Single Cover

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