Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Krooked Tongue Run the Waters Red with New Single ‘When the Beaches Bleed’

Bristol rockers Krooked Tongue are back with style, releasing their new single ‘When the Beaches Bleed’, the first addition to the band’s catalogue since their hit debut EP ‘No Vacancy Hotel’.

Garnering over 150,000 streams, the February release was a smash hit with fans, who were drawn to the band’s distinctive heavy style of underground rock–and July’s ‘When the Beaches Bleed’ looks set to follow directly in its footsteps.

Opening and closing with heavy instrumental sections, it’s hard not to be drawn in by the echoing riffs of guitarist Dan Smith and pumping rhythm of Harry Pritchard on the drums. Before you know it, you’ll be head-banging down the coasts of California, taken captive by the workings of lyricist and bassist Oli Rainsford, as he adds a smooth and poetic lyrical overlay, building a slow and captivating portrait that pairs perfectly with the track’s heavy chorus and bass lines.

A rip-current of a track, ‘When the Beaches Bleed’ is bound to have you diving through the band’s discography, if you haven’t done so already. It’s fuzzy, it’s heavy, it hits, and it sticks. Repeat listens are highly recommended. 



Samuel Newman


Image: ‘When the Beaches Bleed’ Official Single Cover


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