Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Blair Djuna uncovers past agony and self-doubt with ‘Beautiful’

The Australian pop singer-songwriter Derrick Attwood, otherwise known as Blair Djuna, has recently unveiled an entrancing and captivating new single called ‘Beautiful’. Based in Sydney, the artist studied a Bachelor of Music at JMC Academy and has since started to write and produce his own music which spans a wealth of musical genres. 

The single commences with a soothing arpeggiated piano melody which is accompanied by an eerily-quiet reverb that pierces the airwaves. 

The refrain "How could I be beautiful?" is repeatedly put forward throughout the song as Djuna unearths what is a painful past hindered by heartbreak, abuse, and tumultuous relationships that faded into the mist.   

The lyrics whisk the audience away to an era of broken dreams, turmoil, and self-doubt which leaves the listener with an initial sense of feeling overwhelmed. ‘’How could I pick up the pieces of my heart when I’m at my worst?’’ reaffirms such sentiments as ambient sounds emerge in the background. The meaning of the song touches on self-worth, or a lack of it for that matter.  

The words offer a moment to reflect and understand that love is even harder to come by when one is unable to love themselves. This is the third single to be released by Djuna since he started his solo career, and his distinct sound has already made its way to the other side of the globe. He has listeners stationed in Sao Paulo, The Philippines, and Istanbul to name a few, so fans will be eager to download this to their playlists.  

Although there has been no official announcement of tour dates in and around Sydney, be sure to add and follow his social media pages to stay in the loop for future releases and any potential gigs that may occur in his local area.  

Antony Bailey  


Image: 'Beautiful' Official Single Cover

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