Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Kasabian showcase their new sound with ‘Chemicals’

Kasabian are no stranger to a rock hit, with tracks like ‘Fire’ as the theme song for Premier League Football in 2010, they’ve consistently hit back with monster records, and ‘Chemicals’ is about to join the band's elite discography. 

The single is the third released to showcase the band's upcoming album, ‘The Alchemists Euphoria’ which is due to be released on August 5th.

The album will be the first without frontman Tom Meighan, (with Serge Pizzorno now taking over on vocals) the band features Rob Harvey on the synth, Chris Edwards on bass, Ian Matthews on drums and Tim Carter on lead guitar.

The song starts with a Vangelis, Blade Runner-esque synth, giving the track an intriguing futuristic sound before the jumping drumbeat kicks in. It doesn’t take long for the piece to develop into a robust rock song, and Serge on vocals brings a fresh, welcome change. There’s a new Kasabian sound here, it’s a little less gritty, but it’s well-produced and it's not too far removed from the band’s previous sound.

Overall, the piece has this clean, well-produced finish to it. There’s a fantastic sound from the drum machine at the 2:30 mark, which slowly rises in tempo as the track reaches its climax, there’s a short break in the audio before the song delves back into that iconic Kasabian sound.

‘Chemicals’ definitely marks a new direction for Kasabian. The track manages to highlight what the band does best, by blending a great rock song with dance and electronica elements. What starts as a space-centred synthwave track, slowly morphs into a strong rock piece. Despite a shift in roles and the departure of the band’s frontman, Kasabian played around with chemicals and created an absolute banger.

Liam Russell


Image: Official ‘Chemicals’ Single Cover

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