Thursday, June 02, 2022

StarAV releases dreamy new single ‘Endless’

Aussie-based composer, musician, vocalist and producer StarAV teams up with instrumentalist Kirk as he releases his latest collaborative effort entitled ‘Endless’. 

Following his first project, the ambient pop EP ‘The End’ (a cover project which dropped on the last day of 2021), StarAV has released this latest single through his Nondescript Music Group Page, found on Soundcloud. 

Endless’ is best described as a soft, dreamy indie pop-rock ballad, with shades of slowcore elements thrown into the mix. 

Slow in tempo, this track waltzes elegantly, with a steady drumbeat commanding the song for a rather short two and a half minutes. The lead guitar is matched well with the vocals, drenched in effects, sitting nicely in the mix, not too overpowering but making itself an omnipresent element within the song. 

The vocals are dreamy, with the use of multiple harmonies only adding to the spacey feel. The lyrics are rather deep and melancholic. Themes of loneliness and longing are explored as StarAV seems to bear his soul somewhat, singing “Memories of the past / that seen better than than they were / between heaven and hell /is a lonely world” 

This is a solid track by the Aussie, utilising the vocals of StarAV and producing a solid instrumental track to go along with the deep vocals. This is a partnership that has produced a really concrete track, and one that would definitely benefit many more. 

Dan Jones
Image: ‘Endless’ Official Single Cover (Press)

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