Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Adam Mason Releases The Single ‘Over Again’

Adam Mason may not have a large discography yet, but if his single ‘Over Again’ is anything to go by then we are in for a treat with any future releases.

The opening to the track is instant, with Adam Mason’s vocals kicking in within the first two seconds. The tone of the song, at first seems upbeat with a soft, melodic guitar from Hugo Cottu paired with a captivating bass line from Dom Kent and riveting drums from Louis Cowling. The instrumentals of the track give listeners a false pretense throughout, listening to the instrumentals alone, it feels optimistic and contented, but this is contradicted with the lyrical content and overarching theme.

‘Over Again’ is a blend between indie and alt-pop that on the surface explores the breakdown of a relationship, but what Adam Mason and the band have created, intentionally or not, is an open-ended single that can be interpreted with different meanings to each of their listeners. Is it just about a break up? Or is it about going through the motions? Or a chapter in life-ending? Explored through emotive lyrics and a melody with an engaging groove that opens up into a free half-time chorus, the possibilities are endless.  

There is no doubt that this song is quintessentially indie. It is emotional, hazy, and upbeat but the main selling point of the track is Adam Mason’s vocal style. The sheer uniqueness of his vocal range is so captivating. Its rich texture, tone and higher pitch-perfectly encapsulates the essence of the song that it will have listeners coming back for more.

There is no doubt that exciting things are happening for Adam Mason. His ability to take simplistic lyrics and pair this with soft, melodic instrumentals Adam Mason literally lets his voice do all the talking, engaging listeners with a highly relatable, open for interpretation track that is nothing short of awesome. It will be interesting to see what is to come next.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Over Again Official Single Cover

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