Sunday, June 26, 2022

Georgia Ellery’s strings and voice shine on new Jockstrap single ‘Glasgow’

London-based musical duo Jockstrap has just announced the release of their debut album ‘I love you Jennifer B’ on Rough Trade records, due to be released later this year. They have also dropped a new indie-pop single ‘Glasgow’, a song where, in classic Jockstrap style, the lyrical content is intriguing and ambiguous while remaining overwhelmingly emotional. 

This particular track seems to narrate a relationship that is fizzling out: ‘You tipped me off that Glasgow could be a place to go/ I said to you, "Yes," but I probably won't/ You used to write to me, baby, and now you don’t.’ To try to interpret the lyrics beyond this is perhaps a futile task.

The first thing that strikes you when listening to ‘Glasgow’ is just how different it is from the previous singles released by the pair. Its acoustic-driven sound seems far from the experimental electronic tracks ‘Concrete Over Water’ and the heavier ‘50/50’. Rather than the exciting clash between Taylor Skye’s abrasive electronic sounds and Ellery’s Jazz violin, ‘Glasgow’ offers something more subtle. What’s interesting about these differences is that all of these songs will feature on their upcoming album. How they will sound together as one body of work is anyone’s guess: but with the diversity of sound in Jockstraps repertoire, it seems they should be up to it.

While ‘Glasgow’ itself may seem rather simplistic and straightforward indie, compared to the Stella McCartney approved banger ‘50/50’ (used at their opening show in Paris Fashion Week), this does not take away from the shining elements of the song. The song uses more of the guitar than Skye’s usual electronic production but Ellery’s violin really gives the song its richness and texture. Also a member of Black Country, New Road, where her violin shines no less, Ellery has certainly put her stamp on the modern British alt scene. The beauty in her soft and sweet voice raises the potential for what her new vocal role might be in this band, where lead vocalist Isaac Wood recently departed. 

Arguably the most normal-sounding of Jockstraps songs, but no less attractive, this adds another reason to keep the 9th of September album release date in the books. 

Annie Hackett


Image: 'Glasgow' Official Single Cover

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