Saturday, June 25, 2022

Alice June unveils the enthralling ‘City Vibes’

Raised in a little town in Northern Italy, singer-songwriter Alice June is paving her way in the music industry with her Florence and the Machine and London Grammar-inspired cuts and Dolores O'Riordan-esque vocal intonations.

Working in collaboration with Bat For Lashes’ drummer and Anna Calvi, June’s latest track, ‘City Vibes’ follows on from 2021’s release ‘Waterfall’. Recorded across two countries (England and Italy) and mastered in New York City, these big-city influences are found veined throughout the single.

Talking on the tracks, June divulges, “I wrote ‘City Vibes’ right after having been in a metropolis where I've lived for a while during the sunset time… the atmosphere was so magic that I wanted to write it down immediately and convert it into a song!”

June creates a lush atmospheric soundscape through the penned conversation between two individuals journeying through the Metropolis. Almost straight from an indie movie soundtrack, she converts the magic of travelling through a major city into a dark, delicate pop number.

Spearheaded by intricately composed instrumentation and gentle melodies, ‘City Vibes’ features pleading vocals reminiscent of the likes of First Aid Kit and Eliza Shaddad to create an almost folk-infused track. The floaty and breezy number perfectly highlights June’s incredible ability to pen a narrative and transforming a story into wistful harmonies.

With this sophomore single, Alice June has built ample excitement for the future of her music career.


Lana Williams


Image: Provided by Alice June

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