Thursday, May 05, 2022

Wet Leg disrupt the family function with the new single 'Ur Mum'

Wet Leg slide into the indie scene once again with a brand new single from their highly anticipated debut album. 'Ur Mum' is an oh-so-relatable teen angst-ridden track that shakes us awake with its undeniably frantic high energy paired with bursts of rage-filled lyricism that ultimately makes the track - classically all-consuming and completely infectious indie rock. 

With soul shaking symbols and completely unapologetic guitar, the band emphasises fury and frustration that cuts to the emotional core with stand out lyrics such as: “When I think about what you've become/ I feel sorry for your mum”.

It is abundantly clear that the duo are letting us know exactly how much raw and unfiltered emotion is packed into the three-and-a-half-minute track. 

Not strangers to making their mark, the band have caused quite a stir on the indie scene with singles such as 'Chaise Longue 'Wet dream'  and 'Too late now', all tracks that have no problem standing alone as powerhouse tunes that further amalgamate the bands indie goddess personas.

With a burn it to the ground pissed off at an ex and desperate to escape a deadbeat town vibe, the track is also accompanied by a deliciously eye-popping video shot by Lava La Rue.

Screaming girl power and finding strength in honouring our frustration, 'Ur Mum' teaches us that it's okay to let out our rage and that sometimes… screaming is exactly the right way to do it.

Felicity Giles


Image: Wet Leg 'Ur Mum' Official Single cover (PRESS)

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