Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Fans are Happier Than Ever to See Hayley Williams Perform at Coachella

From Vanessa Hudgens’ 2017 boho-esque looks to the ultra-glam outfits influencers don now in 2022, the famous Coachella music festival has once again provided us with some pop-culture moments that are sure to remain iconic for years to come.

For one, this year’s celebrity-studded event saw country icon Shania Twain join boyband-turned-solo-artist Harry Styles on stage for a rendition of Twain’s classics, ‘Man I Feel Like A Woman’ and ‘You’re Still The One,’ but that wasn’t the only nod to the past.

Whilst Billie Eilish absolutely dominated her headline act, this time she had an extra special guest lined up to grace the stage with her; casually introducing her as “my friend,” Eilish welcomed to the stage, rock legend, Hayley Williams of Paramore.

It’s worth noting that this is Williams’ first time performing at a festival since Paramore’s 2018 After Laughter tour and her first time performing at Coachella in any respect. However, as she revealed that they’d be duetting none other than Paramore’s first single to significantly propel them into the limelight back in 2007, ‘Misery Business,’ there’s undeniable excitement radiating from the crowd and performers alike.

For the first time in 3 years since temporarily retiring the track as it no longer resonates with Paramore’s views, Williams belts the self-admittedly dated lyrics and the energy created feels as if no time has passed since the track first plummeted into the charts over a decade ago. Only now, Eilish’s harmonies bring a combination of two musical worlds and a whole load of sentimentality as she shares the stage with someone she has referred to as an inspiration.

The two songstresses also treated fans to a duet of Eilish’s smash hit, ‘Happier Than Ever,’ which consisted of simultaneous headbanging, mesmerising vocals, and a very obvious appreciation of one another’s artistry.

Perhaps it’s the pandemic’s effect on live music that makes Williams’ return to the stage so special, but most likely it’s due to her status within the music scene. After successfully fronting a legendary act for 20 years, a Grammy win, and debuting two solo projects and a self-founded business, there is no denying that Williams is a forever much-loved member of the music scene, regardless of the festival, genre, or passing of time.

Rachel Feehan

@rachel_feehan @rachiefee

Image: Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Coachella

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