Sunday, May 15, 2022

Rogue Proxy release charged up new single ‘Paparazzi Sniper’

Canadian duo Rogue Proxy have treated us to their first release of the year, the electro-grooving, charged-up rock anthem ‘Paparazzi Sniper’. 

Reminiscent of the kind of bangers we would hear from late 80’s glam rockers, this newest track makes it almost impossible not to nod your head along to. Rogue Proxy describe themselves in their Spotify bio as “the illegitimate love child between the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Daft Punk” and after listening to ‘Paparazzi Sniper’, this is a perfect description. 


Sonically, this cut is extremely well produced with a myriad of classic rock elements greeting the listener from the get-go. A steady bass guitar commands the track. Including some clever riffs, the bass, along with some head-banging drums are the stars of the show of this almost four-minute single. The vocals are perfect for a classic rock anthem - both gravelly and direct with some effects added for good measure - the singing in this track is highly impressive and really takes it to the next level.


The guitar playing in this mix (both backing and lead) is also very commendable. The aggressive power chords really add punch to the overall sound, with the lead guitar being allowed some well-deserved free-reign, throwing some massive riffs and a big solo into the ring.


A brilliant first single to welcome them into 2022, if this track is anything to go by, this is a band that will soon be on many more people’s radars.


Dan Jones

Image: ‘Paparazzi Sniper’ Official Single Cover (Press)

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