Monday, May 16, 2022

Long summer nights and ‘A Million Other Suns’, the latest from Wings of Desire

The duo Wings of Desire, formed by brits Chloe Little and James Taylor, have risen to success after forming in 2020. Since releasing two EP’s and four singles, it’s time for their latest hit ‘A Million Other Suns’

It’s a dream sequence song, inspired by late nights and the people within them. 

It covers how rapidly life changes, even just for the evening and how tomorrow is always a brand-new day. “A million other suns will rise / Got you wondering what you did last night”. Both Taylor and Little’s vocals harmonise together to create an angelic sound, containing a dream-pop wave of spirituality and grace, mixed with a gentle flourish of drum beats and ethereal synths.


Along with this release, we’re gifted with a brand-new video. In perfect keeping with the relaxation and spirituality of the song, the video is light and free. Shot like a home movie on an old film camera, it acts like a portal allowing you to watch someone else’s memories. Filled with pastel colours and candid shots, the video is a work of art to display their musical talents. 


After rounding off their European tour, a Wings of Desire album is definitely high in anticipation.


Anna Scrimgeour


Image: Official ‘A Million Other Suns’ Single Cover


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