Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Tired all the Time conveys the unity between humanity using their rock genre, generating a timeless single

Up and coming hard rock band Tired all the Time have been prominent members of the music scene since 2017, releasing their first album ‘Please Stop’.

Since then, the band has massively grown; they have performed at an array of live events and alongside both debut and well-known performers from the rock scene.

Performing in a multitude of areas, they have experienced the inclusivity and down-to-earth feeling associated with a live set in American car parks to the ultimate dream of shows in nightclubs and event venues in Washington D.C.

Having recently released their new single ‘Then and There’, the band’s fans cannot stop playing their albums on repeat whilst the fan base itself continuously expands. The band consists of three hugely talented members, Edward Barakauskas (drummer) Michael Talley, and Brian Miller, who create a wonderfully immersive experience in their music. 

The beginning of their new single expresses an eerie sound, with a continuous note running through for the first entire minute. Immediately, listeners are bathed in anticipation for the inclusion of other instruments and eventually the vocalised elements. Layering this subsequently with a rhythmic, enticing drumming pattern shortly before the lyrics on an increasingly engaging scale, Tired all the Time really have outdone themselves on these grounds. The accompanying music video depicts buildings from around the world morphing into one another, implying a sense of oneness internationally and unity in humanity. When all is said and done, there are so many similarities between people, places, and journeys that they should be cherished whilst we celebrate the differences. 

As the song moves along, listeners hear the lyric “makes me feel alive” against the more sinister “makes me wanna die”. This exact contrast mimics the melody’s long vocal sounds against the instrumental’s upbeat feel, resulting in an engaging and multidimensional track for listeners to dance and move along to.

Tired all the Time exhibit an everchanging world of dismay and joy in stark and direct contrast in their new single, and listeners cannot wait for its multiplatform, formal release in April.

Abby Price 


Image: Tired all the Time ‘Then and There’ Official Single Cover

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