Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Gideon Foster beautifully romanticises embracing a romantic separation and the subsequent heartache to change oneself for the better

Indie-rock artist Gideon Foster has recently released another incredible single, continuing his stream of singles that began four years ago. As an avid singer-songwriter, Foster is a major part of the UK-based indie-rock scene, progressing with his talents as each new single is released and showcasing a different element of himself to everyone. 

Carefully concocting his new single ‘Fatal Kiss’ to include comparative elements of nineties alternative rock alongside musical vibes from the punk scene, Foster surely demonstrates his talents across a great scale of musical genres. 

The importance of creating and producing music to fit so many of the public’s personal opinions does not go amiss with Foster; evidently, he enjoys this part of musicianship which merely adds to the likability of the performer and the single.


Upon first pressing play, listeners hear a descending guitar-stringed note that sets a tone of excitement and builds up the tension until the drum sequence initiates. Immediately, the aura of inspiration from the eighties and nineties inspired music can be heard whilst the distinctive retro sound of Foster’s voice begins.

The artist describes the song in an interview as derived from a past love and subsequent heartache upon the realisation that it may not go to plan. It behaves as a ‘Fatal Kiss’ to this relationship and the person he was during that time before undergoing the character changes he did to reach his current point in life. With this heartfelt motivation in mind, listeners can enjoy the single on another, more personal level, exploring the lyrics of “she’s fading away” more deeply. The line “kiss me one more time” then intensifies this image of nostalgia and feeling empty without the comfort of what you have known, whether it is the relationship itself, the partner, or the person one maybe when with the partner. 

Certainly, Foster has released yet another engaging, alternative, and successful single filled with a cacophony of nostalgic vibes. Entertaining listeners of all ages and backgrounds subsequently, it is safe to say people are overjoyed that they can add this single to their Gideon Foster playlist. 

Abby Price 


Image: Gideon Foster ‘Fatal Kiss’ Offical Single Cover

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