Thursday, March 17, 2022

Sea Girls bear high energy and spirit with second album release ‘Homesick’

Back with their second full-length album ‘Homesick’, Sea Girls never disappoint. They have delivered flawlessly with this latest release, from easy-going tunes to scream this at the top of your lungs. The entire record bleeds alt-pop-rock and their definitive feel-good vibe.

Kicking off the album is ‘Hometown’. This tune draws you in, it’s real early Sea Girls nature with the heavy drumbeats and quick track thumps that grow with every second of each song. It’s upbeat and buoyant. The electricity builds up in the very first few seconds, like the feeling of seeing the bright stage lights at the start of a concert.

I’m sure everyone has had those moments where we feel a bit same-old. The routines, the people, the conflict, and social conventions. ‘Sick’ browses through those feelings and puts into words the want for our initial innocence of childhood and the inevitable regret we face while growing up. “Oh I wish I was just a child / Mum and Dad, can you make me smile?”

‘Lonely’ depicts the story of two life conflicts, a musical dream, and falling in love. “I started a band / And it stopped me hanging out with you / I had a plan / But now you have a boyfriend, don’t you.” There’s a sense of frustration that comes with what-could-have-been but displayed in a few minutes of cheerful tunes.

‘Someone’s Daughter Someone’s Son’ is about life and how moments become memories. We all have adventures and individual experiences that make us, but inevitably they become old stories. The verses are mellow and stripped bringing in the excitement with the chorus, just building up elation. The rhythm is quick and clean, a real dancing tune. 

Towards the middle of the album comes ‘Sleeping With You’. There’s a fantasy of a previous love despite a current relationship with a new person. “Though I’m sleeping with you / I never forget her.” This song explores the thoughts behind denial about being in love with a past companion but once the acceptance and responsibility kick in, denial is replaced by deep sorrow.

‘Paracetamol Blues’ delves into deep love and admiration. Taking in each other's flaws and loving them just as much for them. “I don’t like myself but maybe you do / If you don’t like yourself I’ll never stop doing it for you.” It gives a heartfelt message that even your biggest insecurities would be endeared by your true love.

The next song sounds like an anthem for a coming-of-age movie. The heavy beats and fast pace bring total excitement to ‘Again Again’. It resembles the style of ‘Someone To You’ by BANNERS, it has the power to ensure all emotion pours out just from singing along and spills into the following track ‘Lucky’ which starts with the notion of ‘what if’, becoming a story of gratefulness, the luck of life that’s sometimes taken for granted. 

‘Higher’ is a track verging on craze and phantom but taking the high road, attempting to get over feelings of anger and disapproval. “I’ll get over it / I don’t care what he does.” Diving into immaturity of criticising the new man however admitting the infancy of their behaviour.

‘Cute Guys’ brings the tone down to a slower pace as the penultimate song. It verges on acoustic with the prominent guitar strumming along with the background of the lyrics. There appears to be a real build-up in the first two minutes, then the rollercoaster of emotion starts. The smooth rhythm is thrown out and we’re plunged into this pool of heartache and passion. The music becomes much more rock and roll, taking a full U-turn to the song's starting genre.

Finally, ’Friends’. It’s a goosebumps song; the beat, the lyrics, and the immense emotion that’s been poured into it create four minutes of total ease and euphoria. A perfect way to round off an impeccable record. 

The entire collection of songs that make up ‘Homesick’ screams early 00’s pop-rock. Their sound is bold and unmatched, a real feel of The Killers but with their own devotion and romantic twist. A musical atmosphere unmatched.

Anna Scrimgeour


Image: Original ‘Homesick’ Album Cover

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