Thursday, March 17, 2022

Eades Unveil Their Latest Single ‘Back Seat Politic’

Eades are a five-piece indie band who are aptly described as ‘’Garagewave outliers from Leeds’’ on their official Facebook page. 

They have started 2022 with a bang with the release of their latest single ‘Back Seat Politic’. This new track was released as a final sneak peek to their album ‘Delusion Spree’ – released on 4th March. 

The quintet are due to embark on an upcoming tour of the UK and The Netherlands, set to start on 12th April in Glasgow – further information concerning tickets can be found on their website.

‘Back Seat Politic’ starts intensely with the drummer thumping the toms for four bars before a guitar joins the party, helping to build a crescendo before a sudden shift in sonic dynamics leading into the first chorus. There are brief musical interludes in between sections of the track to piece the music together, helping to add a little more tension before the song finishes with an abrupt halt.


The opening line “’Oh can I cut in line I never was on time / Some people never really change”’ offers a lot of room for interpretation, as do the rest of the lyrics with the band telling their own stories through the medium. Despite the lyrics shedding light on certain issues, the music itself is upbeat, exuberant, and packed with raw energy. The chorus ''I'll take control of the wrecking ball / Or take life slow on the riverbank'' suggests how destructive life can be at times but also how peaceful and beautiful it can be as well. 


This track can be downloaded and streamed from multiple online platforms, and it is well worth adding to an energising playlist with its contagious chorus and lyrics that will leave listeners stuck in deep thought from start to finish. Their latest single and new LP will undoubtedly be greeted with a great deal of anticipation amongst their growing fanbase.


Antony Bailey


Image: Official ‘Back Seat Politic’ Single Cover


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