Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Moonlight Thief Reminisces on Life's Trials and Tribulations on New Single ‘Come Home’

German Based, alt-rock duo Moonlight Thief comprised of lyricist, vocalist and acoustic guitarist, Emily Küpers and electric guitarist and percussionist, Alexander Almering, broke onto the scene on December 31st 2021 with their debut single '4 a.m', a sombre rumination on dealing with depression. 

Since then, they have released two follow up singles, 'Nightdress (Acoustic Version)' and 'My Unrequited Valentine': both acoustic ballads of varying tempos, tackling relatively serious subject matter before the release of this most recent single. 

This most recent single 'Come Home', sees the duo pulling from the singer-songwriter ethos to craft a beautifully compelling rock track about finding your way back home after going out into the world, learning, making mistakes and growing.

The track starts with a bouncy acoustic passage before the opening lyrics set the scene, "A reckless beauty, who's carved in stone / A thousand chances here that I've all blown / Your initials scratched into the depths of my heart. Thanks for all the hurt you gave, I need it for my art" painting a picture of personal development via a continuous string of trial and error with a solemn acknowledgement of the positive influence it can have on one's creative output.

From here, fuzzy and distorted guitars and a simple drum groove as the track build to its revelatory refrain, "Everything I took for granted, thought love was here to stay / Everything I ever wanted I pushed it far away / Now all these streets I roam alone, just call my name and I'll come back home." After another equally compelling second verse, we get a jangly acoustic bridge into one final explosive chorus before the track ends.

'Come Home' is an evocatively poetic and charmingly sombre track about learning to live and let live as you gain new experiences in life, and grow from your mistakes; that fans of acts like Joni Mitchell and Mattiel are likely to enjoy. 

Kenneth Butcher


Image: 'Come Home' Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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