Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Mall Grab ‘Grabs’ Our Attention With His New Single ‘Metaphysical’

Jordan Alexander, aka Mall Grab, has been going from strength to strength whilst expanding the dimensions of the music industry as he goes. With his genre-bending hits, the singer has been releasing massive tracks filled with heavy bass lines and elements of electro and techno beats. His contemporary dance music style is addictive, experimental, fresh, and high-energy.   

First emerging onto the electronic scene in 2015, Alexander has developed his ability to move across genres with his dynamic DJ sets. His style has grown over the years, turning the Australian native into a more forward-thinking artist, producing vigorous and zestful sounds that inevitably get you dancing.   


Mall Grab means serious business with this new track, bringing back that frantic energy he’s known for. The 27-year-old producer and DJ, now based in London, is heavily influenced by the working-class steelworks of his Newcastle hometown down under. His music presents a combination of house, electronic, and techno, all the while keeping his raw, minimal, yet distinctive sound.   


Metaphysical’ addresses the invisible bonds that connect us around London and this sense of interconnectedness is echoed through the repetitive beats and intense soundscape he’s created with this track. The concept behind the song is powerful and unique, accurately conveying busy city life. Metaphysical, by definition, is the question of the nature of the mind, an idea or doctrine that posits reality outside of the human sense of perception, and that’s exactly how this impressively futuristic new track leaves you feeling.   


Ciara Fearn  

Image: ‘Metaphysical’ Official Single Cover  

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