Sunday, March 27, 2022

JEWLS Astounds With Exquisite New Single ‘All I Want’

Ethereal soundscapes and nuanced vocals are what listeners should expect in JEWLS’ latest single ‘All I Want’. Floating somewhere between light and dark, the track carries depth and intensity while never stepping too far from its pop routes.

Beginning subtly with the sounds of an old piano, the song continuously adds layer upon layer before coming to a crescendo with the introduction of JEWLS’ wonderful vocals. In a way ‘All I Want’ resembles shattering glass – the collapse of a champagne tower – where individual shards of sound come to a resting point around the core melody. Not to say that any part of the track sounds out of place, nothing cuts. It all blends together beautifully.

Every element that goes into this track fits. Certain electronic elements are reminiscent of Flume, while the strings and more acoustic-sounding piano round out the track and add a more balanced pop sound to it. Only a practiced hand can offer listeners’ enough variety to keep them engaged while also handling a subject matter with intensity and JEWLS has done that.

They present stunning vocal control and range in their delivery of this song. Perhaps Lana del Rey has an undisclosed sibling, since JEWLS’ tones often reflect the dark rasp and simultaneous ease of higher octaves that del Rey does. However, JEWLS carries something entirely unique and intangible which sets them apart.  

The lyrics are more conceptual than narrative which adds yet another layer of interest to the track. Rather than telling a literal story of internal struggle and devotion, they use imagery and metaphor to illustrate their point. The chorus, strikingly simple in its lyrical makeup, perfectly illustrates the dichotomy of what JEWLS wants to evoke in this track.

"All I want / So beautiful / Here I am / Impossible"

All I Want’ certainly is beautiful and impossible in equal measures… and it is out on all streaming platforms now.

Chloe Boehm


Image: ‘All I Want’ Official Single Cover

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