Monday, March 28, 2022

Greentea Peng supports charity Young Minds with new neo-soul track, ‘Your Mind’

Greentea Peng has been on a quickly rising trajectory over the last few years of her musical career. She’s been steadily amassing a dedicated following and the singer is even set to feature at Glastonbury 2022. 

Her latest release, ‘Your Mind’, is a stand-alone track that tackles mental health struggles, with all the proceeds set to be donated to the Young Minds charity.

The single is a dreamy concoction of neo-soul and reggae-rock-infused undertones. Her signature relaxed vocals are subtle and hazy as they gently reverb and contort with productional elements. These effects capture and visualise the internal echo chamber of a conflicted mind state, creating a backdrop for the lyrics to rest on for a fully realised concept. 

These themes and stylistic choices are built upon in the final segment of the song which pushes the voice distortion to its limits, ending the song with intensity, not unlike thought patterns.

The lyrics themselves have a reflective quality as they introspectively analyse progress, “I know that you / You doubt yourself still / I thought that by now / You could see all that you are / Don't look backwards / You've come too far”. An anthem of self-worth, the lyrics gently remind the listener that struggle is inevitable but not unbeatable.

The imagery used for the single cover perfectly shadows the sound of the song, exuding an instant kaleidoscopic feeling before those funky rhythmic elements even kick in, creating repeating layers of thoughts. The track is on brand and thought out – Greentea Peng doesn’t miss a beat in her music or her aesthetic.

Jessica McCarrick


Image: ‘Your Mind’ Official Single Cover 

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