Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Jonas Brog releases the sweetest of love songs with 'I Believe in You'

It isn't easy to write a love song that is heart-warming and upbeat without also bordering on the cheesy side of things, but Danish musician, Jonas Brog, has cracked the code on the new track 'I Believe in You'.

The acoustic track allows Brog to revel in his emotions as he enthuses over his feelings of love and affection and, for the song’s 3-minute duration, it’s almost as if Brog’s smile can be heard from the recording studio.

Introducing the track is Brog’s vocals alone, giving him the chance to showcase their unique qualities; they are smooth but raspy, strong but effortless. In combination with Brog’s vocals are light-hearted, playful guitar inflections and layered harmonies These elements all contribute towards the track’s uplifting nature and is reminiscent of song-writing legend, John Mayer’s music. ‘I Believe in You’ has that same immersive effect and could easily find itself on a laidback coffee shop playlist with its easy listening yet all-encompassing vibe.

Another enticing element of the song is Brog’s confessional lyricism and his fluctuation between singing in English and his native language, Danish. Announcing “after all the mess you made / I love you more / I didn’t know that was possible”, Brog pulls the listener into the intense whirlwind of this love he is experiencing, seemingly at a hundred miles a minute

Brog has an impressive career history, touring in bands for legendary artists such as Sister Sledge and Gloria Gaynor. Having now taken his music career by the reigns, Brog can take full pride and ownership in writing, performing, and producing his own material. This experience within the music industry can really be heard in his music, as each component of 'I Believe in You' perfectly complements the other, fitting together like a sonic jigsaw; the mix is well-balanced, the song's progression is catchy, and the hooks are memorable. 

After a life of constantly being on the move, Brog now lives by the beach, something he feels is “intensely lucky” to be able to do. The serene environment translates incredibly well into his music and only adds to the calming, relaxed aura Brog carries with him.

Ultimately, ‘I Believe in You’ is a feel-good love song that takes pride in unapologetically celebrating the relationships with those around you. This kind of purely positive energy is hard to come by, and Jonas Brog should be praised for putting it out there for the world to enjoy. 

Rachel Feehan

@rachel_feehan @rachiefee

Image: ‘I Believe in You’ Official Cover Artwork (PRESS)

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