Thursday, February 24, 2022

Bask in nothing but love with Rex Orange County’s ‘AMAZING’

Rex Orange County’s new track ‘AMAZING’, treats listeners to something that can, at times, seem rare – a straightforward pop song with no pretension, that does an excellent job of fusing the past with the present.

A cacophony of strings ease the track in and remain ever-present throughout the following three and a half minutes. There are times when it becomes apparent that if you stripped away the guitars, bass and drums, it would work just as well crooned in the style of one of those big band classics. It may be brand new, but it undoubtedly also has that vintage flair to it.

Lyrically, the song is singer Alexander O’Connor’s simple ode to finding a saviour; that one person powerful and influential enough to lift them out of the doldrums. The words allow a sense of anticipation to play out for the listener. For a lonely and dejected soul, everything changes in a split second – a scenario that will be relatable to many: “Search the definition of afraid/And I’m sure you’ll see my face/Who’s gonna save me now?/I hope it’s you, my babe.”


The chorus presents a blatant outpouring of love and it’s refreshing to hear such emotions put forth so plainly; “Don’t change a thing, you are amazing/I can’t believe you’ve come and saved me/We can stay here, spend every day here, I don’t mind.” Of course, it’s always impossible to tell how any relationship will turn out in the long run but here there seems to be no hint of heartbreak or disappointment to come – only unbridled sunshine and positivity. As the latest taster of Rex Orange County’s upcoming fourth studio album, ‘Who Cares?’, it’s undoubtedly tantalising and hopefully also an indicator of more pristine pop to come.


Mason Hawker


Image: Rex Orange County, ‘AMAZING’ Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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