Monday, January 10, 2022

Youth Sector Tumbles into Apprehensive Realization on New Single 'Is Blood'

Art-Rock Quintet, Youth Sector takes aim at the concept of blind patriotism on their new single 'Is Blood'. Hailing from Brighton, the outfit has developed a strong pension for acerbic songwriting coupled with buzzing guitar, rolling drums and electronic ladened instrumentation; oftentimes culminating in a controlled cacaphony of electro-punk bliss.

Their most recent single 'Is Blood' holds firm to that boisterous tradition; this time, filtering it through a lens reminiscent of acts such as IDLES and the Talking Heads at their most angular and confrontational. 

'Is Blood' kicks off with a spastic guitar riff over a tight and simple drum grove before opening up with the second guitar, first playing accenting notes before exploding into the main chords. Throughout the first few verses, the song follows a fairly rudimentary bait and switch literally tactic: a statement of recognition of something seemingly positive the subject holds dear (mostly in jest) followed by the revelation of the dirty truth behind said things' existence via the song's title as the primary refrain. "Are you proud of it? Does it warm up your sleeping bag? Made out of it? The red on your favorite flag Is Blood." What elevates the use of this lyrical technique is the sparsity and specificity of the word choice and the imagery it conjures.

After the second verse, there is a brief guitar solo before the midsection begins. This time the lyrics take a more direct approach, speaking to the heart of willful ignorance with the lines, "You can drive all night long but you won’t beat it. You can draw the curtains tight, close your eyes and then you might still see it." While the instrumentation strips back to just the driving bass and drum pattern before the refrain "It's Blood" roars back in alongside the fuzzy guitars. We get one final poignant set of lyrics about the folly of trusting a legacy that has been altered before the song ends.

Altogether 'Is Blood' is a fantastically eccentric and abrasive art-rock track, definitely worth a listen. The single will appear on Youth Sector's forthcoming EP ‘Adult Contemporary’, set to be released on the 18th of February 2022.

Kenneth Butcher


Image: 'Is Blood' Official Single Cover

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