Saturday, January 08, 2022

Daisy Harris Breaks Hearts With New Single ‘Come Home’

Ahead of the anticipated release of her debut album ‘Tornado Dreams’ on 8/04/22, Daisy Harris has released another fantastic single ‘Come Home’. This track has everything it needs to become the perfect rainy day soundtrack: intimate vocals, ambient sounds and heart-wrenching lyrics.

Writing since 2016, Harris began releasing music only last year - surprising considering the sheer volume of work she’s put out since then. With two EPs already out in the world, and a promising album on the horizon it’s staggering to think how much untouched work sits in her tool belt.

Come Home’ is a song about grief and exhaustion. These are two emotions which are hardly foreign to most, especially when coupled with the complex idea of what it means to ‘Come Home’. Harris’ writing is sweet and sad, summing up the heart-breaking reality that sometimes home simply isn’t home anymore with six simple words: "Cause I can never go home".

The lyrics provide a through-line while the rest of the elements provide a backdrop. What is especially striking is the vocal quality that Harris possesses. It’s a multi-faceted voice which manages to flit between rich lower ranges and beautiful breathier heights. And these vocals sit front and centre in the production, making one feel as though the song is being sung for them.

The sparse guitar reminds of Keaton Henson’s ‘Do You Know How Lucky You Are’ and as such only serves to heighten the emotional impact. The drums added around the midway point nicely round out the song, helping both with flow and emphasis. The subtle addition of ambience sounds from the second verse on was truly clever since it seems to almost isolate Harris’ vocals even further, capitalizing on that feeling of isolation within grief. And ultimately all of this builds towards the clincher:

"I can never go home".

Wonderful and heart-breaking, ‘Come Home’ is out today now all streaming platforms.


Chloe Boehm


Image: ‘Come Home’ Official Single Artwork

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