Sunday, January 23, 2022

Thom Southern beautifully devises a musical tale of the futility of toxicity in a relationship

Fantastic musician, Thom Southern from Belfast, Ireland, has released yet another breathtaking single in the form of, ‘She’s So Precious'. 

Southern has been preparing his debut record in the latter half of this previous year, a record providing listeners with incredible tracks, including ‘She’s So Precious,' as he never fails to immerse and please listeners. 

As his primary release in 2022, the pressure was on for Southern to match the perfect nature of his previous singles, a challenge exceeded with this track. 

‘She’s So Precious’ lyrically narrates an imbalance in a relationship and, therefore, toxic love and companionship. This idea appears as a thread woven by society in the form of a fight for complete equality, despite gender stereotyping and taking advantage of others. Southern provides a perfect message of realising how unnecessary it is to continue a toxic relationship and, in his own words, “wak[ing] up to the blindness of their love,” as he describes the muse and cause for his song. 

Musically, the track is composed of guitar hooks like no other, drawing in listeners and leaving behind a feeling of intense happiness for all. Paired with vocals that carry an indie-rock vibe and a final, long-lasting strum on his guitar, Southern really does create the most wonderful music. The balance of instrument use and his voice is enchanting and provides listeners with golden music. 

When looking for a summertime track, or feel-good playlist, ‘She’s So Precious’ is certainly top of the list. 

Abby Price 


Image: ‘She’s So Precious’ Official Single Cover

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