Friday, January 21, 2022

‘I Could Be Somebody’, The Power Punch Message We All Need From Upcoming Artist, Dionne Sturdy-Clow

Dionne Sturdy-Clow, a rising alternative star, has released her third track since 2020 ‘I Could Be Somebody.’ Starting out as a singer-songwriter at age 14, she drew inspiration from iconic artists such as Frank Turner and Johnny Cash. The innovation of these singers brought out Sturdy-Clow’s ability to create a budding platform as an alt-pop/rock artist.

This song is uplifting, with tight drum loops continuously flowing along with the lyrics. The drums majorly contribute towards the track’s foundations, almost acting as its main component. The instruments cleverly join together to bring out a huge boost of energy explored throughout the three and a half minutes, with a subtle strum of the guitar just building to the height of the track.

The vocals are bold and clear, and the message is direct. ‘I Could Be Somebody’ depicts the thoughts of a woman articulating her emotional strengths and being able to live as freely as possible. It’s about self-realisation and dreaming big, putting the belief into yourself and others that anything is possible, without limits, and achievements can be made whilst remaining true to yourself. The perfect song to casually enjoy, or the perfect song to provide a powerful sense of confidence and stability.

The potential of Sturdy-Clow is immense and there is no tell to the success she is bound to receive within the next coming years. 

Anna Scrimgeour


Image: ‘I Could Be Somebody’ Official Single Cover

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