Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Post-punk powerhouse, English Teacher, take us on a journey with new single ‘A55’

Leeds’ hottest quartet, English Teacher, share their second single from their upcoming EP ‘Polyawkward’. ‘A55’ takes us inside the mind of lead singer, Lily Fontaine as she debriefs from the night before – an experience many of us are familiar with. 

About this track she says: “Writing the lyrics for ‘A55’ was a cathartic exercise after waking up with ‘The Fear’ the morning after the night before – reflecting on the rise and fall of the ego as it became affected by what I put in my body, I hoped that putting it down in verse would make the embarrassment all worth it.

Well, it certainly did! A mellow and mournful melody welcomes the listener along with sombre lyrics and vocals. The slow start is flipped on its head by a bar of turbulence before each new verse, mimicking the chaotic stumble that follows each regretful decision in the clinches of intoxication. Strings accent the final bridge as we reach an introspective crescendo. This single is very much the avant-garde that we anticipate from English Teacher whilst remaining exciting and tantalisingly fresh. This band can sometimes come across as self-deprecating and critical but if these two singles are to be used as any measure, their debut EP will go down a treat. 

The first single from ‘Polyawkward’, ‘Good Grief’, offered us a social commentary by ‘the narrator’. Its up-tempo and colourful arrangement could easily disguise the dismal lyrics - something both singles share. English Teacher have had major backing coming into 2022 from the likes of DIY Magazine and Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 6 and the support shows no sign of slowing down. Towards the end of 2021 the psychedelic ensemble featured on just about every “Ones to Watch” shortlist alongside peers like Wet LegCourting,Yard Act and Sports Team.

The much anticipated ‘Polyawkward’ is out 22 April and is available to pre-order now.

Rebecca Clough-Pattison 

Image: 'A55' Official Single Cover

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