Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Honey Moon are here to banish your winter blues with vibrant new track ‘Stop and Listen’

Hailing from South East London, the trio behind Honey Moon are quickly picking up momentum on the indie-pop scene. Despite having yet to release their debut album, the band have already amassed a solid discography, with their latest track being the sunniest tune to date. 

If its eye-catching artwork wasn't enough to suggest the upbeat nature of 'Stop and Listen', the track's opening beats immediately leave no room for doubt. Jubilant brass introduces the crooning vocals of lead singer Jack Slater Chandler amidst a wave of vibrant, groovy indie-pop. Retro influence has become a core component of Honey Moon's sound, and 'Stop and Listen' pays homage to the greats of Motown Soul with its danceable hooks and buoyant rhythm.


In its chorus, the track's lyrics encourage reflection and expansiveness. Slater Chandler's vocals easily soar over the instrumentals as he implores the listener, “Don't you wanna stop and listen? / Don't you wanna change what you're thinking? / Don't you wanna leave it all behind?”.


As the tempo slows down at the track’s bridge, the spotlight lingers over the infectious guitar hook. When it kicks back in, the chorus’s energy is even more amped up.


For a January release, 'Stop and Listen' feels like a refreshingly summery slice of freedom. It's the musical equivalent of leaning an arm out of a convertible on a warm evening.


Even the track's wind-down still rides its own high, leaving its most insistent refrain, “Don't you wanna leave it all behind?” ringing in the listener's ears. Then, before you know it, 'Stop and Listen' has sped away as quickly as it burst into life, pressing down on the pedal as it whizzes off into a brilliant sunset.


And it's no wonder - already endorsed by Sir Elton John, and with what is sure to be a long career stretching ahead of them, Honey Moon's future sure looks bright.


Eleanor Burleigh  


Image: ‘Stop and Listen’ Official Single Artwork

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