Saturday, January 29, 2022

Johnny Marr Starts The New Year With His New Single ‘Night And Day’

The former The Smiths guitarist and co-songwriter Johnny Marr has kickstarted the New Year with the release of his new single titled ‘Night And Day’ from his upcoming EP ‘Fever Dreams Pt 3’ which is scheduled for release on 20th May of this year.   

His latest offering comes with a stirring music video that finds Marr sat on top of an animated cartoon tank in front of the Swiss parliament building with the word ‘Revolution’ looming over. The lyrics also appear on the music video so feel free to sing along and memorise the music.   


With an injection of pace into the tempo, fluctuation in dynamics, and a beat to drive the music forwards, the song is Marr at his best. The middle-eight contains a call and response between himself and a backing vocalist before moving on to the third verse of the song. The recording finally reaches its conclusion with the outro as an instrumental section gently fades out the track.   


The music is ultimately uplifting in the sense that it breathes raw energy along with a renewed sense of belief and hope with lyrics such as “New night, new day / New kinda new way” making their way into the chorusThe music is about reappearing from a battle concerned with an era-defining period of seclusion and evasion due to the ongoing events continuing to take place outside. Lyrics such as ‘’The world stirs up / The world shakes up’’ only epitomises those sentiments.  


Be sure to stay in the loop and follow his social media pages as he has an upcoming UK tour on the horizon scheduled to start in April. You can download his latest music and buy tickets to the shows from multiple online platforms, and he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of one day re-joining Modest Mouse in the future.  


Antony Bailey 


Image: Official 'Night and Day' Single Cover 

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