Monday, December 06, 2021

Spirituality And Struggles Abound On Bosola’s Latest Single ‘Me On A Good Day’

Fronted by Tim Cox, Bosola are an exciting alternative rock band from Newcastle. With three EPs to their fast-growing name, the band have become well-known for their deep, introspective, and often abstract lyrics, as can be heard on their brilliant third EP ‘How Sick I Became, Running From Myself’. Now back with a fresh new single, Bosola continues that theme on the excellent ‘Me On A Good Day’. 

Plucked guitars and spoken lyrics commence the track as Cox tackles existential questions of religious belief and its ties to his own emotional state. It’s an exceptional start to the song, as the singer uses divine metaphors to astutely sum up the constant presence of imposter syndrome that many feel.

“Stand with Thomas and Judas,” Cox sighs as he walks through what life would be like if he ever made it to heaven. It’s as if he’s admitting not only his own spiritual uncertainty that the doubting Thomas expressed upon the resurrection, but also the doubts he feels within himself. Yet the reference to Judas is even more startling, as Cox acknowledges the way he betrays and sabotages himself in the manner that Judas did to Jesus. Even after being accepted through the Pearly Gates, Cox can’t seem to shake the feeling that he doesn’t truly belong. 

As the song bursts into life, the influence of shoegaze is hard to escape, with reverberated, ethereal guitars accompanied by nasal vocals and rolling drums. It’s a sound that suits the band well, bringing their lead singer's superb lyrics to the fore whilst subtly accompanying his voice. 

After a brief respite, the track explodes into a cacophony of 90’s grunge guitars, whilst Cox surrenders himself to his feelings, claiming, “If this is me on a good day / What’s the point in waking up?” It’s a deep and introspective thought that will surely resonate with many, yet it’s a subject that Bosola seem able to dance around beautifully. Their often-airy music gives such deep meaningful lyrics ample room to breathe, whilst their brief detours into hectic moments of climax add weight to its subject matter.  

Bosola are excellent at what they do, and what they do will speak to the generation of the lost and confused that they so perfectly seem to capture. 

James Ogden

Image: ‘Me On A Good Day’ Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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