Monday, December 06, 2021

Scruffpuppie Opens Up With ‘wondering how’

Scruffpuppie is back with another stunning track 'wondering how'. Hiding beneath upbeat instrumentation are stories of heartbreak and JJ Shurbet’s personal experiences. 

There is a flawless transition from a soft and slow start to a thumping rock ballad with a heavy chorus. The song truly emanates optimism and hope for a better tomorrow – something that should always be welcomed in the modern day.

DIY Magazine quotes JJ saying, “‘wondering how’ has a combination of both elements from all of the songs on this record, switching from being soft and pretty, like 'paint' and then going towards more of a rock ballad, like 'assignment song'. 

This song talks a lot about the aftermath of my addiction, and the awe-like state that getting clean put me in. How did I get this far? A year ago I was nodding off sitting at my guitar trying to tune it correctly, and now I'm in Los Angeles recording some of the most amazing art I've ever created. 'wondering how' is a perfect example of the hope I have begun to incorporate in my writing.” 

Following the release of her single 'wondering how' she has also announced the release of her new album 'letters to nobody' on January 28th 2022 via Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records. Prior to 'wondering how' she released two enthralling tracks, ‘assignment song‘ and ‘paint’. Her music is built on modern pop-punk beats with an incorporation of folk and thought-provoking lyrics. The album sheds light on Shurbet’s stay in rehab in 2019 followed by her sobriety and her rise to success. The track 'wondering how' like the others have captured hearts not just because of its musical composition but also due to its ability to disarm listeners. The vulnerability in her lyrics and the courage it takes to exhibit them makes the track special.


Annliya George
Image: 'wondering how' Official Single Cover

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