Friday, December 31, 2021

Midnight Flowers dig into first loves, break-ups and overpowered emotions with debut EP ‘We All Seem Fine’

Midnight Flowers are an indie-pop/rock duo of in-laws from Philadelphia, debuting in 2020 and finally releasing their first EP, ‘We All Seem Fine’. 

With ‘Shades of Blue’, the band kick off their EP with a song providing a dreamy rock vibe. The drums and guitar riff are calm and consistent, maintaining their soft indie genre. 

That’s Life’ portrays the message of looking back on happy memories, despite needing to move on with life and finding your own path. This tune feels more mellow than the previous even with the profound sounding lyrics, “That’s life, I’m moving on / Better off now that I’m finally gone”.

‘Never You Pt. 2’ is clearly more personal, a break-up song at its roots, keeping up with the upbeat sound and consistent drum loop the band seem to be so customary to.

The mood drops slightly when it comes to ‘Some Time’. It’s steeped in melancholy and resonates with the feelings of unexplained sadness. “A broken soul at birth /Walking on the line” - the instruments sound effortless and almost idle to accompany the lyrics.

The penultimate track‘Sleep This Off’ presents a dominant forefront, almost overpowering the vocals, in keeping with the stylings of the band. 

Titular number ‘We All Seem Fine’ rounds off the EP. It is passionate and the drum loops animate the song nicely. The decision to make this the final track strategically helped to bring all the emotion of the entire record into one final moment.

The whole energy of Midnight Flowers and this EP gives a similarity to Pale Waves and The Japanese House in a very mellow, gentle way.

Overall ‘We All Seem Fine’ provides an easy-going vibe that feels familiar, almost like listening to your parents' old records - it’s comfortable and undemanding, presenting a tranquil warmth.

Anna Scrimgeour


Image: ‘We All Seem Fine’ Official EP Cover


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