Friday, December 03, 2021

Historian releases emotive new single ‘Broken Cup’

Wrapped in emotive themes, La-based Historian’s latest track ‘Broken Cup’ perfectly encapsulates the more poignant, sad emotions that come with the human experience. Historian (Aka Chris Karman) really digs deep both thematically and lyrically in this latest effort, not only showing, but almost embracing human vulnerability.

Pairing ethereal dream-like electronic beats with live drums, Historian blends both live and electronic sounds to achieve a cohesive, balanced sound that matches up with the sombre lyrics.

When listening whilst wearing headphones, the soundscape of this track is truly heard. The mix is a swirling blend of rich, deep hitting drums, married beautifully with some faint strings and plinking keys. The intro’s organ like synth slowly gives way to the more subtle aforementioned keys as the chorus kicks in, almost mimicking the darker emotions giving way to more pleasing ones. The mix of live and electronic drums command the track, along with the live piano, acting as the steady heartbeat of the song as the more emotive instruments and lyrics add colour and flair to the song.

The single is ended as swirling strings finally give way to the drums, perfectly looping back to the first sounds hear in the intro.

Dan Jones


Image: ‘Strangers’ Official Single Cover (Press)

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