Saturday, December 04, 2021

Everything But The Everything Deliver Darkly Enticing New Track, ‘Can’t Allow’

Arguably one of the most collaborative musical projects currently out there, Everything But The Everything’s latest release, ‘Can’t Allow’, will leave you craving more from this lucid, diverse group of musicians. 

The project comes from Bay-Area musician Izzy The Gent, who has recruited a collection of talented musicians to feature on new EP, ‘Rock n Roll Is A Feeling’. Each of the four tracks includes a special-guest vocal feature, a clever and inclusive way to help musician’s gain some traction on their work. 

Starting with an atmospheric underlay and a low, fuzzy guitar lead, it immediately sets the tone that this is a song full of angst. After solidifying this idea in the verses, it allows the pre-chorus to push the moody tone even further, almost teasing the listeners with it’s prying, interrogatory lyrics “did you know, did you care, did you run? / did you take, did you lie, did you win?”’.

The vocalist at the forefront of ‘Can’t Allow’ is Tobias Hawkins, whose vocals perfectly compliment the track, and effectively cut through the dark, charging instrumentation.

All of these elements collectively build to the chorus where the instrumentation becomes it’s most explosive. The repetitive electric guitar maintains a certain intensity that emulates the feeling of an anxious heartbeat, whilst the drums become even livelier with the use of fills. As the vocals passionately shout “can’t allow what you see / what you hear / all that’s near”, it becomes clear that ‘Can’t Allow’ is a song describing a multitude of trust issues: within yourself, the people around you, and even your surroundings.

Everything But The Everything’s expression of fear and paranoia results in a pulsating song full of tension and anxiety; it is simultaneously dark yet inviting and intriguing -  impossible not to get drawn into. 

Rachel Feehan

@rachel_feehan @rachiefee 

Image: ‘Can’t Allow’ Official Single Cover

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