Sunday, November 14, 2021

SWIM DEEP and PHOEBE GREEN Successfully Join forces In The Atmospheric ‘On The Floor’

After two years away, Swim Deep provide a welcome escapism with their brooding single ‘On The Floor’.

With the help of Phoebe Green, the song is instantly listenable and a good omen as the first release from their upcoming EP ‘Familiarise Yourself With Your Closest Exit’, due next year. 

Frontman Austin Williams’ lower tones contrast perfectly with Green’s higher register as they trade introspective lines such as “I don't think this is more than a need to feel someone close / Yeah I wanted space but I can’t embrace being alone”.

The evasive back and forth between the two -

implying a romantic relationship that is never fully realized - works well. Williams nonchalantly croons “there’s no reason to talk / or make this a thing” while Green ponders how they “could be something/ (we) could be nothing”

Perhaps because they have previously toured with her and trust in her ability, Swim Deep allow Phoebe Green to dominate the chorus, and the song is certainly made better for it. Green's airy vocals soar over Swim Deep’s guitars, creating a lighter centrepiece to an otherwise pensive song. Similarly, Green and the band’s chemistry is on display in the colourful, stripped-back music video that accompanies the single. 

What we are left with is a perfect soundtrack to these winter months that builds excitement for Swim Deep’s EP release in the new year. 

James Ellis 
Image: ‘On The Floor’ Official Single Cover

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