Saturday, November 13, 2021

Frances Baker Presents A Late Taste Of Summer On New Track ‘Crazy Now’

The nights are drawing in, and the depths of winter are inching closer, so more now than ever, what listeners need are those records that warms the cockles of their heart. 

Happily, this is exactly what Frances Baker brings with her new single, one which surprisingly sounds as at home in October as it would in July. 

In many ways, ‘Crazy Now’ is both sunlight on the skin and a familiar, snuggly duvet of the kind you want wrapped around you as tightly as possible.

Every part of the duvet seems to have been crafted with dreaminess and relaxation in mind. Baker’s soulful voice and her prominent piano fade in and out of the mix, creating a significant echo effect, and it is this that contributes so strongly to the track’s softness and charm. This, however, isn’t all that ‘Crazy Now’ has to offer. It’s a short song ­– just under two and a half minutes – so just as you’ve sat back and melted into the soundscapes, the beat comes in.

The rest of the track might lead you to believe it’ll be a gentle one, but it’s much livelier than expected, and it definitely adds a whole new kind of energy to the proceedings. It could be said that it emphasises the feeling of delirium Baker touches on, the kind that we feel when swept off our feet by another person, and the title alludes to this; “Ooh, love/You have got me crazy now”. Alternatively, it could bear connotations of the emotional upheaval love can cause, something also apparently hinted at further along in the lyrics; “How many times must I walk so scared and lonely/How many times must I walk talking to the one and only?”

The journey ends as quickly as it begins – a whirlwind, just like certain romances – but it nevertheless leaves you with a lot to digest, although none of that takes away from its fundamental impact. Wrap yourself up in ‘Crazy Now’ this winter, and take a moment to remember how uplifting – or equally terrifying – love can be.

Mason Hawker


Image: Phoebe Fox

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