Monday, November 08, 2021

Snailbeach Releases Nostalgic and Witty New Single ‘Strangers’

Snailbeach (Also known as Theo Williams) perfectly encapsulates the feeling of getting lost in the memories of a past lover in his new single ‘Strangers’.

Snailbeach’s lyrics are witty yet emotive, as he replays the memories of a fond former lover in his head. Instead of just writing about the more ‘picture perfect’ moments of the relationship, he manages to capture the true essence of being in a partnership, by stating: “Sitting alone in my bed / Watching Tv in my bed / I’m overcome / Memories of the time / We did it by the fire / And I got burned”.

The bittersweet nature of this song is then quickly revealed in the chorus as he sings: “Strangers alone in the sheets / In the silent film of what’s been / Replaying all the time in our heads”.

The production is aptly linear, with the levels of both the vocals and instruments complimenting each other. Guided by a steady drum beat and accompanied by a driving bass and shimmering guitar, the number of instruments multiply as the song progresses. There are some very faint backing vocals introduced in the chorus, as well as a nice high-pitched bell solo around ¾ of the way through the track which adds some variety to the mix. Williams’ vocal performance is almost lackadaisical as he casually croons, which elevates the lyrics. Despite its casual nature, the vocals are emotive, each line has clearly been meticulously associated with a scenario in his head.

This song feels nostalgic, akin to stepping back into a fond dream that you once dreamed. Cleanly produced, and cleverly written, this is a very commendable track by the 23-year-old South Londoner.

Dan Jones 


Image: Jody Evams

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