Monday, November 08, 2021

Brooke Combe Definitely Does ‘Impress You’ With Her New Single

After catching the attention of listeners everywhere with her cover of 70s disco hit and unofficial Scottish football anthem ‘Yes Sir, I Can Boogie’, Edinburgh’s Brooke Combe immediately capitalised on this newfound fame with a string of three original singles throughout 2021 and consolidated her place amongst the best of today’s singer-songwriters.

While this summer didn’t bring the best of fortunes for her home country’s football team, Combe’s star is still on the rise with her latest release ’Impress You’, a soulful track about seeking approval from others and herself in the face of the male gaze. 

It’s very hard to resist the urge to nod your head to this track, as Combe’s guitar riff brings a groovy off-handedness that infuses the entire three minute duration. Clearly that’s all she needs, as the extremely simple arrangement of a guitar and bass over drums allows Combe’s rich voice to take centre stage, contrasting the riff’s nonchalance with self-conscious lyrics about approval – “Should I wear it should I not? / The guys go crazy for the blondes / If I dress in heels just once / Maybe I can get their love”. The pre-chorus breaks this groove, building up tension with just enough extra instrumentation and backing vocals to set it apart from the verses. Combe then breaks into the simplest of choruses, repeating the song’s title in a way that is sure to be stuck in your head for days if not weeks. 

A word must be said for the accompanying music video, which perfectly complements the track with Combe delivering her often bitingly sarcastic lyrics (“Please just give me your approval / The furry coat goes with the boots though” “Would you kiss me with the red lips? / Or is it too much of a pain?”) into a room’s two-way mirror. This effectively highlights how the pressure put on women to be viewed by men in a certain fashion also affects how they view themselves.

A perfect package of song and video to head into the winter months after a heady summer for the Scottish artist, Brooke Combe is certainly not resting on her laurels with the fantastic ‘Impress You’. 


David Harrold 

Image: ‘Impress You’ Official Single Artwork

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