Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Jupiter Strange Say, ‘I Do’ In Their Debut Psychedelic Single

The Dunfermline-based psychedelic rock band Jupiter Strange are sharing a slice of ‘60s inspired psychedelia with their debut single titled ‘I Do’. 

The quartet, consisting of Alfie Ramage (Lead Guitarist/Vocals), Niamh Corkey (Guitar/Keys/Vocals), Sean Sneddon (Bass/Synth), and Lennon Donaldson (Drums), are calling on fans to listen to the single online and are set to announce more upcoming shows over the new year after playing at the Kendal Calling festival over the summer.   


The band's distinctive sound takes influence from the likes of Jefferson AirplanePink Floyd, and The Doors to name a few. It is refreshing to see the revival of a bygone era largely responsible for shaping the course of western popular music as it is recognised today. With this track, Jupiter Strange are bringing the past to life. ‘I Do’ is a joy to listen to as the quartet showcase their song-writing talents and musicality in a tune that one cannot resist sticking on repeat.


There is a brief interlude in the intro where the drums and keys immerse the audience into a dream-like state. The increase in tempo and dynamism carries the song into the first verse. The accentuated 32nd notes on the hi-hat, combined with short, improvised fills compliment the song as it flows in a way that at times appears effortless. The lyric ‘’I struggle slightly to remember all the things I used to do’’ is followed by ‘’Yeah, I do / I love you’’, leaving the listener emotionally satisfied.  


The band's new tune is undoubtedly going to be popular on the alternative music scene in the UK. They successfully offer a distinctive psychedelic sound reminiscent of a golden era. What’s next for the group with the new year on the horizon? Their website states upcoming shows are to be announced over the coming months so be sure to stay tuned. 

Antony Bailey 


Image: Official 'I Do' Single Artwork

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