Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Don Broco enter a new chapter with ‘Endorphins’

Don Broco are  four-piece rock band formed in Bedford, England in 2008. Since their debut, they have released four studio albums, ‘Priorities’ (2008), ‘Automatic’ (2015), ‘Technology’ (2018) and now ‘Amazing Things’ (2021). 

The band never fails to hit the mark with each new musical release and continue to create innovative, incredible music that keeps the attention directly on them.  


Building up to the album, Don Broco released their final single, ‘Endorphins’, giving listeners an insight into the next chapter of the band.

The single is accompanied by a brand-new music video which is jam-packed with comedy, action and creative visuals that are undeniably reflective of Don Broco. The track starts with eerie, dream-like vocals – easing listeners in with the false pretence of a slow and somewhat sombre track. It then suddenly picks up the pace with an infectious, toe-tapping beat that makes you think ‘oh yeah, Don Broco are back’.


This sudden change in pace is short-lived as the track explodes into colossal guitar riffs, energetic synths and pounding drums on the build-up to a captivating chorus. ‘Endorphins’ will make you nod your head back and forth and will definitely be a mosh pit favourite. The build-up that ‘Endorphins’ gives pays homage to another Don Broco track, ‘Tightrope’  but takes it one step further, going bigger and better.


The track shows how Don Broco plays on the usual song writing structure. It mixes styles and shifts pace, fluctuating between a dream-like state to an action-packed intensity that will have headphone wearers walking like a bad-ass and mosh pit enthusiasts jumping with pure glee. There is no doubt this is one of the most exciting tracks of the new album and shows how Don Broco is willing to adapt and evolve for their audience. 


‘Endorphins’ demonstrates how Don Broco will continue to push the boundaries and stick to the beat of their own drum. The band continue to genre-bend and blend, keeping them ahead of the crowd and their fans wanting more. 


Ana Joy King 


Image: ‘Amazing Things’ Official Album Cover


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