Friday, October 01, 2021

Young Decade’s stellar new track ‘Don’t Talk’ is both anthemic and gnarly

Here are Young Decade’s, the midlands latest contribution to the UK Indie scene. Fuzzy synths and chugging guitars galore, their latest single ‘Don’t Talk’ feels like a future stadium filling classic. 

As soon as the track begins, it immediately pulls you in with its chaotic synth line and repetitive piano motif. This builds into the full band, with the frenetic drums and enormous guitars crafting a dense sonic landscape. James Tidd’s vocals arrive like butter, sitting faultlessly on top of the track. There are traces of Matt Bellamy in his delivery, as the track makes full use of his impressive vocal range.


Forty-five seconds in, the instantly catchy chorus “Don’t talk, just drive” kicks in. This melodic hook feels so familiar and is crying out for a festival crowd to religiously scream it in a muddy field. The track somehow feels even bigger than before and is full of many clever earworms and catchy ideas to keep the listener constantly engaged.


‘Don’t Talk’ follows Young Decade’s last release ‘Sinner’ which was a big success for the band, receiving over 50k streams on Spotify and support from BBC Introducing and BT Sport. From their previous releases, it is evident that the band have a knack for writing classic choruses.


Praise must be given to the producer of the track, as the many multi tracked layers of synths, guitars, vocals, and heavy drums fit together perfectly. The arrangement is so meticulous, and each listen reveals a new element cleverly embedded.


‘Don’t talk’ is an instantaneous classic Indie rock track. The chorus is nostalgic and familiar, yet Young Decades aren’t cliché or derivative. It is indisputable this is a 2021, modern band working at the top of their game. 


Catch Young Decades before they’re filling arenas.


Euan Blackman

@euanblackman  @euan_blackman 

Image: ‘Don’t Talk’ Official Single Artwork

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