Friday, October 01, 2021

Easy-going, down-to-Earth pop shines on ‘Bottle’o’

Ruby Fields is back with her latest single, ‘Bottle’o,' which is taken from her debut album, ‘Been Doin’ It For A Bit.' 

It marks a change from the angsty, guitar and drum-led tracks released by the Australian singer-songwriter, yet it is a welcome addition to her ever-growing discography.

‘Bottle’o’ is a catchy and memorable track that feels truly homegrown and down to earth. The eight-note repetitive rhythm defines the track and specifically the chorus. As the main instrumentation is piano, it is a place for Fields’ vocals to shine. Her soft and controlled vocals are the focus of the track and draw parallels to Taylor Swift on her ‘folklore’ and ‘evermore’ albums.

While the production is minimal, little additions such as the cheers and movement in the last few seconds of the track work in Fields’ favour to exhibit her humble nature and passion for music. The music video also depicts Fields singing the song on a piano in an atmospheric room of friends sharing beers, and interestingly pairs the song perfectly despite it contrasting the feelings of loneliness embodied in the lyrics.


Lyrically, the song depicts a protagonist going through some sort of crisis (‘’Yeah, I’m a little bit sunburnt, a little bit sad’’) and contradicts the happy feel of the melody. Yet, this is where Fields’ impressive musicality is exhibited. 

Being able to cover heavy topics lyrically whilst making a song melodically pleasing to listen to is a skill, and is one that Fields seems to be crafting. 

‘Bottle’o’ along with the entire album, ‘Been Doin’ It For A Bit,’ is available to buy and stream now, where Fields’ talent shines through even further.

Amrit Virdi

@_amritvirdi @thevinylwriter

Image: Cole Bennetts PRESS


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