Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Reytons return with the raucous release of new single, ‘Nothing to Declare’

The no-nonsense indie rock and roll band from Sheffield, The Reytons, compromised of Johnny Yerrell, Joe O’Brien, Lee Holland and Jamie Simpson, were forced to delay the release of their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Kids Off The Estate’ due to a factory error and will now be released on 12th November via the Scruff of the Neck record label. Instead, they decided to drop ‘Nothing to Declare’, taken from their upcoming record. 

The Northern four-piece have an excellent observation of relationships in today’s society and their music can be relatable to almost anyone who listens to it and their newest work is no different. 


It’s very similar to their hectic discography with the manic bass and guitar riffing, punchy drum beats and a smart social narrative as it tells the story of a couple who are taking chances on each other, “Out of sight, she's out his mind / He’s been treading on a real fine line / Out of sight, he's out her mind / She’s now in it for a real hard time”. The insightful, straight-to-the-point lyrics touch on an all too familiar story of relationships breaking up due to a loss of trust, and many of The Reytons’ admirers will feel empathy towards it. The ferocious energy of the track lasts from the first guitar chord to the last, frantic lyric. 


A brief moment of complete silence around half way through this frenetic track, is followed by a muffled segment, building the energy back up for Johnny Yerrell to passionately shout the final line and dive straight back into the rest of the dynamic storytelling that they’re so good at.


If this new track is a hint to what the forthcoming album will sound like, then we’re in for a treat. The Reytons are a force to be reckoned with. Do we see a number one album on the horizon?


Joe Whitehead 


Image: ‘Nothing to Declare’ official single artwork

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