Sunday, October 17, 2021

Lauran Hibberd Sings Her Heart Out at the Omeara

Lauran Hibberd played at the Omeara in London last night and although the venue was small, it certainly didn’t feel like it. 

Lauran was quite the entertainer, whether that was with her singing her heart out to every track or displaying her witty humour between them. 

The twenty-four-year-old from Isle of Wight had the crowd hanging onto her every word and it was quite clear to see that her fans absolutely adore her. 

The venue was packed like a tin of sardines before Lauran even set foot on stage, thanks to the incredible supporting acts, Carpark and Dead Pony. As we were waiting for Lauran’s set, the room suddenly plunged into darkness which caused the crowd to go wild with anticipation. 

Lauran walked on stage wearing a rather fitting glittery jacket and a black tutu and proceeded to kick off the show with ‘Bleugh’, a testimonial to men who have nothing to offer. She asked the crowd to get low and quite literally connects with the crowd at ground level, before asking them to jump up and down. You know the show is going to be good when the artist can get the crowd moving in the very first song.

Lauran then proceeded to tell us a story about how all of her band’s equipment was stolen the last time they were in London. She dedicates the next track to the anger she felt and encourages the audience to do the same. Lauran tells them to put their middle fingers up and release any anger that they may be feeling. 


What is so admirable about Lauran is how relatable she is; she sang songs about experiences that practically everyone has gone through in the 21st century. She asks the crowd if anyone has sent nudes before and then sings ‘Old Nudes’, a track looking back on sending nudes to the wrong person. She consistently asked the crowd for a “sweat check” asking them to tell her where she looked sweaty. It goes to show how down to earth Lauran is as she doesn’t mind joking around with the crowd. In fact, at one point during her set she joked about how she should become a comedian and how she could be her own supporting artist at her next show. 

Lauran and her fans sang their hearts out to ‘You Never Looked So Cool’, in fact, it was hard to hear Lauran over how loud the audience were singing. In typical gig form, the crowd turned their flashlights on and swayed to the music. Lauran was the only member of the band playing at this point, so the song felt really inclusive and the love was most definitely felt both ways. At one point during the set, she asked if the lights could be turned on so she could get a good look at the crowd. 

Lauran then sang ‘Charlie’s Car’, a song that she claimed that no-one had ever heard before... apart from all that have seen her on this tour. Although this was the first time that the audience had heard the song, they were loving every second of it. 

After ‘How Am I Still Alive’, Lauran joked about how that was their last song and they was most definitely not going to be an encore. She swiftly exits the stage, and the guitarist, Jake, told the crowd that she would not be back on unless she heard the crowd chanting. The audience were more than happy to play along and shouted for one more song. Lauran returned to the stage once more and played ‘Call Shotgun’, which concluded the end of her set. 


It was safe to say that although the set was on the shorter side, the indie-pop princess certainly made an impression. She is definitely the idol that we all wish we had when we were younger. 


Rosie Morrison


Images: Rosie Morrison

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