Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Beatles reincarnated through Miles Kane's latest single

The break-free frontman has been pursuing his solo career for years and has now released his new single ‘See Ya When I See Ya’. The track sets another example of the talent the experienced songwriter has gained through his years of being a band member. 

Miles Kane has been a solo artist since 2011 when he released his debut album, ‘Colour Of The Trap’. His indie-rock style has always followed suit of previous decades' sounds without sounding dated. This single is the third preview for his upcoming 2022 album, ‘Change The Show’.

The John Lennon inclined, 60’s sounding single has a warm and soft sound, distracting the listener from the melancholy lyrics.  There is no way to say it, brother / Better watch your step / Before all goes west”.

Kane's lyrics take a pessimistic view on life, inferring the need to make the most of what you have because it will inevitably be taken from you. 

The single release was accompanied by a vintage style music video featuring the singer rocking a double denim number. Filmed through the eyes of an old film camera, the video transports you back to decades before and perfectly matches the sound created in the single. 

Instrumentally, the track keeps its major key throughout, it is simple but holds host to a jazz style keyboard part, the instrument that brings the whole sound of the track together. 

‘See Ya When I See Ya’ sets a high standard for the new album, and the trilogy of singles give a great taster for what is to come in 2022.

Amber Malley


Image: ‘Change The Show’ Official Album Cover

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