Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Pave The Jungle Throw The Dice With Latest Single ‘Lucky Ones’

Eccentric alternative rock band Pave The Jungle are back shaking up the scene as they land with their new single ‘Lucky Ones’ and following the recent release of their singles ‘Picture of Health’ and ‘Oddball’, it is safe to say that the band may have outdone themselves with this latest track which is a downright musical masterpiece.

With ‘Lucky Ones’, the band, made up of Racheal Whittle and Scott Jeffery, have created an edgy alt-rock track containing raw emotion and is sonically bold pushing all kinds of boundaries. 

The introduction of the track is slow and simple. A heavily distorted electric guitar plays a melody through a crunchy amp. Without even a splash of reverb, sonically, this short but sweet intro is very dry, however, at the 16-bar mark, listeners are quickly dropped into alt-rock pandemonium. Here, lively, dynamic drums continually punch as gritty guitar chords play an uplifting progression. The drums play a complex pattern rife with snare rolls and hits on the off beats while the guitar strums away.

The drop of this track is something special and is nothing short of genius. The sudden tempo change listeners experience can be likened to a car jump starting and accelerating rapidly.  With such a drastic change in tempo happening so quickly ‘Lucky Ones’ really does highlight the daring and experimental nature of Pave The Jungle’s music and was refreshing, to say the least. With its bold instrumentation and far-out arrangement, it is, of course, unsurprising that the vocals of ‘Lucky Ones’ follow suit with their panache.

The arrangement of the vocals on the track is also intriguing as Jeffery and Whittle go back and forth with the lyrics creating a rather compelling synergy. Jeffery provides an erratic and more tonally dynamic vocal during the verse while Whittle provides us with the smooth, consistent vocal as she declares “You’re the lucky ones”. The culmination of this gives listeners the full package.

The lyrics of ‘Lucky Ones’ provide a critique of small-town life in Britain. With lines such as “Learned life lessons lying with your face out in the gutter / small town vibes small-minded values are you offended?”, ‘Lucky Ones’ undoubtedly challenges the values of those living in a monocultural rural Britain but looks at the positives too.

‘Lucky Ones’ is a refreshing release from Pave The Jungle, and perfectly sets the tone for their EP ‘Waiting For Nothing’ which will be out on the 26th November, via Cow House.


Isaac Semple


Image: ‘Lucky Ones’ Official Single Cover

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