Friday, October 22, 2021

Somefinn Urges For Some Contact in Latest Single

Somefinn have just released their dreamy new single, ‘Contact’. The single is the third release off Somefinn’s debut album, ‘...Tsk, Tsk…’ following ‘Nobody’s Fool’ and ‘Starlet’s Dream’ which were all released earlier this year.

Somefinn are an alternative rock band from Ireland and lead singer and songwriter, Paul Finn, created the group after calling it quits with former band, The Flaws in 2016.

Somefinn consists of David Marron (guitar), Paul Markey (bass), Paul Carolan (drums) and Darren Finn (keyboard).  

Paul Finn’s vocals are very similar to David Bowie’s, and we could almost be convinced that the icon himself provided the vocals for ‘Contact’. The velvet vocals are accompanied by a dreamy guitar, subtle electronics and echoing backing vocals in the background. The track has us feeling nostalgic and is reminiscent of the ‘80s.

According to Paul from a recent interview with Nova News Network, the meaning behind the track can be described as a “passion cry, a crying out for a touch”. The song is all about seeking a connection with someone, and this feeling is encapsulated in the lyrics: “All I ask is an act of contact ”, which is repeated throughout the chorus. 

Alongside the track, Somefinn collaborated with award winning dancer, Arlene Caffrey to create a cinematic video which celebrates human connection. The short film was inspired by the track’s lyrics and narrates how the protagonist is separated from a beautiful word. The character is stuck watching TV on repeat until he happens upon someone outside of himself, who wants to exist in his universe. 

Somefinn most definitely knows how to pull on the listener’s heartstrings throughout this haunting track. 

Rosie Morrison


Image: ‘Contact’ Official Single Cover

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