Friday, October 22, 2021

Don Broco’s ‘Amazing Things’ is nothing short of a masterpiece

Formed in 2008, Don Broco have consistently made noise in the alt-rock scene since then. Composed of Rob Damiani (lead vocals), Simon Delaney (guitar), Tom Doyle (bass and programming) and Matt Donnelly (drums) each of the band's LP’s have managed to outperform the previous, and so ‘Amazing Things’ their newest release, has some pretty big boots to fill.

The LP opens with ‘Gumshield’ and in classic Don Broco form, the track manages to take a totally different twist on what we’ve come to expect from the alt-rock genre.

The piece begins with a striking synth sound, before the vocals and other instruments come into play. The track feels incredibly dynamic, the pounding of the bass drum complimented with the Vangelis-esque synth all help give the track its unique feel.

Following on after ‘Gumshield’ we have ‘Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan’ a song that explores toxic fandoms and bullying on social media. Vocalist Rob Damiani draws parallels between these over-zealous fans and football, which has a similar issue in terms of hyper-fans. The song continues the momentum that was developed by ‘Gumshield’, it’s a proper mosh-worthy track and with its slightly faster paced drums the song has an immense sound to it.

‘Swimwear Season’ starts a little differently, with a softer-sounding synth, it’s reminiscent of The Chordettes ‘Mr Sandman’. The first line, “Mr Perfect” only helps to further reinforce this very brief similarity. The tracks got that powerful sound that has become staple to Don Broco, every instrument is so incredibly loud and for 

Following on from ‘Swimwear Season’ is ‘Endorphins’. Damiani’s vocals really shine through in this tune, particularly at the start and it offers some good contrast from the rest of the record. The multi-layered electronic effects used throughout are superb too.

A particularly remarkable piece from the record is ‘Anaheim’, a song that has a sound incredibly akin to ‘Teardrop’ by Massive Attack. It’s a slower-paced, more intimate song that comes equipped with these warping electronic sounds that work wonders. The tracks got a fantastic guitar solo, followed by this epic crescendo where it all just comes together into this beautiful culmination. There’s some incredible use of panning used throughout this song too and overall it sounds masterfully produced. 

Next up we have ‘Uber’, a song that retells experiences the band had whilst touring in America, and the racist ramblings their Uber drivers frequently went on. ‘Uber’ shares a lot of similarities with ‘Gumshield’. It’s got more ‘80s synth sounds before the track delves into that classic Don Broco Sound and Damiani’s fast-paced vocals really help give the tune its angry sound.

‘Amazing Things’ reaches its culmination with ‘Easter Sunday’, and there’s no better way to close an album than with the resurrection of Christ. It’s as if Damiani is noting that although this album is coming to a close, another one will be on its way soon. The track follows a similar rhythm to ‘Anaheim’ and feels like a suitable finish to a stellar album. It comes packed with everything Don Broco, heavy-hitting guitar riffs, that thunderous drum sound we spoke about earlier before it's all rounded off with Damiani’s incredible vocals.

‘Amazing Things’ had some big boots to fill, and it managed to fill them and a couple sizes bigger too. It's amazing how the band has managed to make an album with the exact same vibe as the last, whilst still ensuring that not one track sounds too similar to one from the previous album. It showcases each of the band members' craft exceptionally well and while ‘Technology’ managed to trump ‘Priorities’ with its number 5 spot, here’s hoping that ‘Amazing Things’ manages to climb even higher.

Liam Russell


Image: ‘Amazing Things’ Official Album Artwork (PRESS)

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